of dreams" is wher e I was born and grew up. Nurtured ▓by its pleasant weather, Jinan people are natural▓ly generous, hospitable, joyous, with a special enthusiasm f▓or drinking. This capital of East China's Sh andong provi
nce is also known as the "city of spri▓ngs", with 72 of them dotting the landscape. While their ▓locations, history, and characteristics have been meticulously documented, Bao▓tu Spring is the most well known. It ranks alongside Qianfo Hill and Daming Lake as Jinan's top
sight. Water gu shes from the three mouths of Baotu Spring ▓all year round, feeding its people, an▓d telling its stories. Speaking of Daming Lake, besides its wonderful lake sce▓nery and Spring Festival Temple Fair, its fro
g po▓pulation is an odd lot - they never croak. The story goes that once Qing emperor Qianlong visited Daming Lake and was impressed by its beauty, marred onl▓y by the noisy frogs who disturbed his▓ sleep. The emperor ord ered them to k

eep s▓hut. They did - and have been doing so for generations thereafter. No one as yet come up with a scientific explanation for this unique phenomenon, and so

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an-perfect tones are very likely to match the correc▓t tones of the Jinan dialect. Shandong's cuisine i

s acclaimed as one of the four best cuisines in the country. Fa▓mous dishes include tangculiyu (fried c

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arp with sweet and sour sauce), jiuzhuandachang (twisted large intestine of the pig) and baochaoyaohua

(fried pig kidney). But I prefer the street▓ snacks. I bet Jinan's baked sweet potato is the best in

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China, even the whole wor▓ld! My classmates in primary school will surely recall when the teacher aske

d us to write about a local specialty, all 54 of us wrote about the baked sweet potato! This is not to

the legend endure

say Jinan does not have other special dishes worth writing about, but its baked sweet potato just tops it all. It's either becaus

s. Jinan is also a good place

for foreigners to practice their

e we have very good quality sweet po

Chinese. The local dialec

tatoes▓, or the baking stoves are really magi

t shares th▓e same pronunci

cal. Who knows!Digital technology pumps n▓ew life into rural

ation as Putonghua f

areasDigital technology pumps new life into rural areasDigital tech▓nology pumps new life into rural areas04-23-2018 09:30 BJTTwo

▓or almost every Chines

e character, but uses diff

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years ago, Liu Jinqing, a farm▓er in east China's Fujian Province, was shocked that the 350▓ kilograms of dried sweet pot

坣es of Putonghua can easily c

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produced 2,400 kilograms of dried sweet potatoes, making nearly 50,000 yuan (about 8,000 U.S. dollars), a handsome inc

th the lo

ome for a farmer living in a remote village in the mou

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